3D Origami Horse.

by Donna


My name is Donna and I have just recently started doing 3D origami.

I was looking for a horse to make and came across one on Pinterest, but there was only the one picture. I was wondering if there was a diagram or maybe more pictures I could look at. I am also sending along the picture that I found on Pinterest.

Thank you for your time and I hope you can help me with this.


Hi Donna

Wow, that is some horse! I am afraid I have only learned a little origami. I am all about stamps, inks, cards and scrapbook pages, using Stampin' Up! products, though I have made boxes and gift bags and party favours. One of the most popular 3d items on my site are the paper butterflies, which are much simpler to make than this horse looks.

My other 3d paper projects are listed on my 3-d paper projects page.

Thank you for sending me the photo of your horse. That makes it easier for me to see what you are wanting to do.

I did type '3d origami horse instructions' into Google and came up with pages of pictures, videos and instructions for making similar horses. The instructions on those sites would be much more specific than I can give you.

Thank you for asking me about the horse and sharing the photo with me though. I never would have seen it if you had not done that ☺

Happy folding!


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