Looking for a special corner punch

by Guy

One of Guy's geometric cards showing the slits he is talking about.

One of Guy's geometric cards showing the slits he is talking about.

Hi, I was searching for a specific item, and then got lost in your site. So many ideas and explanations. Fantastic!

Anyway, the thing I was looking for is such a simple product that I'm shocked I can't find it anywhere. I am trying to find a corner punch that make a single simple cut, diagonally, 1cm from the edges. Like a photo slit.

You can see what I do at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Ullagami?section_id=15641616 and you might notice that all the models are slitted into the four corners of a backing card... I want an easy way of automating those corner slits.

There are thousands of frilly, lacey, roundy, corner punches out there, but I can't find any that make just a simple straight line.

Do you know of anywhere I can find this, or else might you know anything about how to get custom corner punches made to order?

Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and expertise.




Hello, Guy

Thank you for your positive comments about www.papercraftcentral.com. It's nice to know you found a lot of good ideas and projects on my site. I had a look at your work on Etsy and it is stunning. I left your site link in (I normally don't do that for sites that are selling a product) so others can see your work. It's a personal choice of mine to add site links like yours.

As for your question about slit corner punches, I am afraid I do not know of a punch that makes such a shape right now.

What I can suggest is that you make yourself a template to slip over the corner of your project to allow you to use a craft knife to accurately cut the same slit in each corner. You can make the template from an acrylic sheet. Make it a square shape so you can then make a slit in it that will last awhile. Measure where you want to have the slit punched, then make your cut in the acrylic.I would then use a pencil to make each corner slit before using the craft knife to cut them across.

If you want to have card bases on hand in bulk, I know you can probably get various sizes of photo display cards from stationers and paper companies. I am not sure which ones exist in Scotland so you might like to check out the local businesses near you. Then you would have card bases all ready to go, anytime, without the need for a punch or a template.

Of course, someone else who is reading this may have another suggestion, so let's invite anyone who knows of another method you could use to make a comment.

I hope you can find a good solution. Let me know if you do.


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