Special poem, story or photo display

by Tina Louise Janov
(San Bernardino, CA)

You take any old or ruined hardback book, decoupage, photo, poem or whatever you want to showcase. Using the decoupage, completely cover the book opening it in the center, and curl edges up for decoration before decoupaging. Antique the edges of the open pages with plain brown eye shadow or ink then decoupage it open. You can even paint pages or leave them as they are for a more unique look.
Decoupage your poem or copy of photo on one side of the open book or both sides. It's up to you. Decorate around poem with flowers or anything you want to use. If the poem is for example about buttons use buttons in your decorating
Add a satin bookmark as if book is just left open and put onto a book stand and enjoy it. It also makes a very special gift. You can put a friend's wedding invitation on one side and their wedding photo on the other side. You can also decorate it with dried flowers from their ceremony. l
Let your imagination just grow. You'll love the finished product
Growing up we had something like this with a picture of Jesus on one side and a Bible passage on the other. The page edges were painted gold and I thought of all the beautiful things you could make. Give a special gift to a friend who just had a baby. The ideas are endless and fairly inexpensive. You can pick up a used book at a yard sale for a quarter and use things around your house. If you use dried flowers or anything that may not stand up to time carefully brush decoupage or I've used clear nail polish too.
I hope you all enjoy this idea and give someone special a perfect handmade gift from your heart.

Keep crafting

See you later

Tina L Janov


Oh, Tina, I wish we had a photo of your work. You describe it so beautifully but I would love to see it too!

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about such lovely altered art ideas. I do like the thought of making a special gift for someone after a special event has occurred.

Do come back and post a photo of your work sometime :)

Happy crafting


PS: You may enjoy also altering a tin, a box, or a
flower pot as a gift, too.

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