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Paper Twists January 2012
January 19, 2012

Happy New Year Inspiration

Happy New Year for 2012 and welcome to all long term and new subscribers to Paper Twists! Are you all set to fill the year with crafty goodness? I have so many new projects and ideas on my list, I am wondering if I will get them all done in a year. Do you have a list yet? I love being able to check things off my list as I create so I recommend making lists.

In case you need some inspiration, here are three ideas that may spark your creativity, save you some time, and maybe even improve your relationships:

  1. Make a special 'thinking of you' card for someone as a surprise. For a nice change, use a Jumbo sized playing card as the base for your surprise card. Cover both sides and put greetings/embellishments on both sides, saying what you appreciate or love about that person.
  2. Make contact cards to share with your friends. Include your photo, name, address, phone number(s), email, websites, etc. Ask friends to make contact cards to swap with you. Make an accordion envelope album to keep them all in.
  3. Mothers Day Cards for troops kicked off January 1st 2012 and cut off for collection is March 31st 2012.You can send packages to our troops for FREE as long as the packages are under 2 kg. Why not make some Cards for Troops? While you are at it, get a kick start on your own Christmas card stash and make a few per month for you and a few for the Troops, all ready for Christmas 2012! Now that's being organised.

Till next time, happy crafting.


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