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by Veronica

A layout made for a scrapbook

A layout made for a scrapbook

I'm trying to make my fiancee and the father of our child a scrapbook, I've made him posters and all sorts of things throughout our year of being together. What will make this amazing and creative? I'm in need of help, I'm new to this scrapbooking, I need lots of help!


Hi Veronica

It's always a special thing to make a scrapbook :) If you have not already bought some, you probably need some basic tools and adhesives, for a start.

These days there is a concept for scrapbooks from Stampin' Up! called 'This 'n That". It allows you to use a C5 sized journal/scrapbook to add all sorts of things as they take your fancy - tags, tickets, cards, receipts, pictures, journaling - anything you like! I have a little video to show you my first This 'n That journal that explains some of the ways I use it:

You can see the pages come already prepared with nice background papers,a nd you can add other papers to it if you like.

What I usually do with scrapbooks is decide on a bit of a theme. You already have a celebration theme going for this project, I think. You could perhaps do a celebration journal for your lives together so far, with all the highlights you can think of added in to the journal. It does not have to be in date order, but your notes about what you were thinking/feeling, your gratitude fro lovely things that have happened, your love of your family is what will shine through.

Also see some of the pages on about making a scrapbook:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Making a scrapbook
  • Scrapbooking Tips

    I hope some of these ideas inspire you :) You can always show me a photo of a page you are working on to ask for ideas abotu how to finish it, etc. Maybe other readers would also help that way :)

    Enjoy making your scrapbook!


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