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by Veronica

A layout by Susan.

A layout by Susan.

I'm trying to make my fiancee and the father of our child a scrapbook, I've made him posters and all sorts of things throughout our year of being together. What will make this amazing and creative? I'm in need of help, I'm new to this scrapbooking, I need lots of help !


Hi Veronica

How lovely to be thinking of making a scrapbook about your family. The photos themselves will make it unique and special but any stories you write about will make it even more so. I always think of scrapbooking as a way of telling a story, especially when you want to make a whole album about a particular subject or time period.

I would organise photos into a sort of timeline, to tell the story the way you want to tell it. You don't have to make things chronological (according to the time they happened). You can make it by events or by whatever you loved about the year.

Then I would look at what type of album I wanted to use. When you have the photos sorted, you kind of know how many pages you will need and may have an idea about the size of album you need.

I would also look for some colours you like and base my paper choices on a few of those colours. This is not necessary if you want to have each page totally different but if you want a coordinated look, sometimes choosing a pack of designer series paper that coordinated well and adding in some plain cardstock to complement the pack will create a beautiful effect throughout the album.

Collect some embellishments you like - buttons, ribbons, brads, die cuts, flowers etc. Also gather any memorabilia you want to scrap like ticket stubs, menus for places you ate out, gift cards he gave you etc. You can use these on your pages and tell the story behind each one.

You can also choose some basic sketches to make your pages look great. Try googling for some page sketches or page maps and see if you find some designs you like, then use variations of those designs throughout your album (turn the sketch on its side or even upside down, mirror image it etc).

The pages on about scrapbooking are useful as well. Go to this Scrapbooking page to find out ways to think about planning your scrapbook. If you want to know how to make a scrapbook, this page will show you different ideas. More scrapbooking tips are also available. Try the Cardmaking pages for ideas about techniques you can also use on scrapbooks.

If anyone else reading this has some ideas to help Veronica out, please do make some comments!

I hope this helps you and would love to see some of your pages when you have made your album.

Enjoy making it! :)


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