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by Veronica

Your Unique Story makes a scrapbook special

Your Unique Story makes a scrapbook special

I'm trying to make my fiancee and the father of our child a scrapbook, I've made him posters and all sorts of things throughout our year of being together. What will make this amazing and creative ? I'm in need of help, I'm new to this scrapbooking, I need lots of help!



Hi Veronica

Oh, you have a new baby! Congratulations to you all :)

That is a lovely thing to do, to make a scrapbook of your first year together. Your memories of this year are freshest now, so scrapping about them will help hold them in your memories for the years to come.

That is what is so unique about a scrapbook. Your own memories and special, precious moments make it so. Every scrapbook tells a story. The first thing I would do is think about what special moments helped to shape your year. Jot down some moments that you remember to help tell your story and add these to pages in your album. Find photos that you love about this year. Find memorabilia too, such as something from the place you first went to together. Tell the story of how you met, what you thought of each other, how you admired him and what it was about him that attracted you so.

Tell the story of discovering your pregnancy. Tell how you both reacted to the news and include photos about how you changed and grew, who your doctor was, first pictures of the baby inside you, how the baby changed and deepened your relationship.

Then tell about the birth and include how the baby expanded your joy in each other and in those around you. Say why you chose the baby's name and what it meant to you both. Include any special details about precious moments with your new baby, shared by your both.

You can have a 'how I see the future for us' page to finish the scrapbook, if you like, or just keep adding more as special things happen.

It helps to have a scrapbook kit when you first start out. You can search for one you like at a craft store. It helps to make the album look more coordinated when you use papers that are designed to go together, but this is not a 'rule'. Scrapbooks are personal and you should choose what you like for your own album.

I have pages here to help you that tell about how to make a scrapbook, paper craft tools, adhesives to use and more. A basic class in a craft store might help you get started, and you can start to choose the style you like to use in your albums. There are so many techniques you could use and enjoy in telling your story!

Come back and ask more questions anytime.

Happy scrapping!


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