How to Make Flower Stems

by Billie Lever

Quilled flower

Quilled flower

Quilled flower
Two quilled flowers
A twisted paper stem

Hello Susan,

I am hunting for a pattern to make a stem of either paper or ribbon bluebells, it needs to be fairly easy as I need to make about 30 little 3 flower sprays by the beginning of March, I hope you can help me.

Thank you very much

Billie Lever


Hi Billie

There are lots of ways to make stems. I have personally used twisted paper, wire covered with ribbon, and wire covered with florist's tape. All of them yield nice results.

To make a twisted paper stem, cut a thin length of cardstock and spiral it around a cylindrical shape like a pencil, then remove it from the pencil and twists the paper till you are happy with the length and thickness of the stem. Then glue the stem in the position you want it to be on your page or card or coat it in glue and allow to dry on waxed paper.

To make a thin wire and ribbon stem, cut the wire to the length you want then apply some double sided tape to it by winding it around the wire. Remove the backing for the tape and then take a length of ribbon. Start at the top of the stem and twist the ribbon down the wire in a spiral fashion.

To make a wire stem with florist's tape, start with your wire length (maybe double the length of wire up to make a thicker stem) and then apply the florist's tape to the top of the stem, winding it down in a spiral fashion over the rest of the stem. Twist the tape at the end of the stem to break it and form a stop to the tape, which means it will not unravel.

All of these methods are quick and easy to use.

Of course, you can also punch cardstock stems out with something like the bird punch from Stampin' Up! or use a Big Shot die like Sweet Stems to make some from cardstock, thin cardboard, chipboard or felt.

Oh I just thought of another way - you can use a quilled stem if you want your bluebells to sit on a card or scrapbook page. Using quilling paper, just lay down a tiny, thin bead of glue on your card where you want the stem to be. Carefully place a piece of paper on its edge along the glue bead, as shown in the picture. You can add your own leaves with quilling too, as shown. just change the shape to look more like long thin bluebell leaves.

Do any of these ideas help?


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Apr 09, 2017
Overlapping Stems
by: PaperCraftCentral Susan

It depends what type of stems you are making. If you are making twisted paper stems, I might make two short lengths of stem so I can place one bit on one side of an existing stem, and another short bit on the other side of an existing stem. You can make one long stem and cut it, then glue it in place where you want it.

With quilling, you can add stems in short lengths there too. Just butt them up against the stems you want to overlap and continue on the other side. Another way is to slit the stems and fit them together.

With wire stems, just twist two pieces of wire together and allow the ends to branch out separately. Wrap ribbon or florist tape around your structure of stems once you have created it.

Punched shapes can overlap quite easily. Just glue them down AFTER you have arranged them, from the bottom layer up, or pop them up with Stampin' Dimensionals to create the effect you want.



Mar 20, 2017
by: Anonymous

So how do you over lap stems when the pattern shows them over lapped?

Feb 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have found that you can twist the paper slowly but the paper has to be length ways won't look good

Jul 07, 2013
You are welcome :)
by: Susan

Thanks for letting me know this information helped you, Harri. I hope you will come back and show me your flowers when you have made them :)


Jun 22, 2013
by: Harri

Well I don't know about Billie but you really helped me.. trying to make fake poppies with twisty stalks but didn't know how to go about it with the stalks. Thank you kindly, very helpful.

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