Thanks for replying to my rant on Yahoo Answers...

by Brien
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Hi Susan, I really like your site... it has content and content is Key!

I have a passion for website authoring and as for my art and craft expertise; well, it is limited to mostly computer related artistic pursuits. So, creating my own art and craft website has proven to be a bit of a strange beast. There are plenty of craft sites out there, in fact I had no idea there were SO many? This was one of the reasons I decided to try a different approach to make an ?all-in-one? craft site. I'm sure it will eventually attract the right kind of clientele, so I'm not going to bend my envisioned idea for the site too much from how it is currently configured.

Website content (and lack of members) is the major issue for my site now and it'll continue to be an issue, unless I can attract people (such as you) with an interest in sharing their knowledge and love for arts and crafts. What I intend to do to help remedy this content problem, is to incorporate a reward system where people can author *original craft articles for the main site (not the forum) and submit their own google adsense account code to be placed *inside* their articles. (Not entirely unalike how works)

One of the only main remaining to-do items for the site is to nail down the item purchase related issues (on my to-do list for this coming week).

Feel free to join the site and add your website to your profile, list some items and check out the site features I described in my rant? I'd love to hear your honest opinions of it.

Best regards,



Hi Brien

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and leave me such nice feedback about PaperCraftCentral. I really appreciate that.

You are most welcome for the information I gave you and for my opinion of your site. Your site looks very nice. I love the graphics and the concept behind the site. What a great idea to build a community of crafters for their mutual benefit.

As you say, though, attracting the right clientele will be the challenge for you. I can see that your site has not been spidered by the major search engines yet (one of the reasons is that it is new, and these things do take time). My concern is that it could take you a LOT of time - much more than it needs to take - to get the traffic you want.

I have had a great time building this site as a free craft resource for people. The web hosting service I use is SBI and it has been most successful in helping me to build targeted traffic (ie: finding people with the same love of papercrafts that I have) as it is far more than a web hosting service. I think you'll like this: SBI is a wonderful community of all kinds of people with all kinds of interests, and it is managed by some excellent fellow webmasters who are so willing to share their expertise. I could not have built PaperCraftCentral without them, even though I have written and developed every page here myself :)

With your passion and knowledge of html you could really fly...

Oh I must tell you I have had no need to purchase lists to attract site visitors and every month the number of visitors I have grows.

If you would like to explore SBI a little further, why not see if it would help you to attract the traffic and build the site you want?

Whatever happens, you now have some publicity via my site. I hope you have success in the future and are able to build the site of your dreams. Of course I have bookmarked your site and will be checking back there to see how you are doing :)

All the very best

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