What paper to print 12"x12" backgrounds on?

by Jacky Dahlhaus

Picture of a Handmade Paper Album using cardstock with a different coloured core.

Picture of a Handmade Paper Album using cardstock with a different coloured core.

Hi Susan,
I would like to start my own commercial printing of scrapbook background pages. However, I have problems finding out what sort of paper I should have them printed on. The backgrounds will be mainly made up of photographs, so very colourful or in sepia. I know the paper should be acid free, lignin free and buffered, but there is such a vast array of choices of paper that I don't know where to begin! Most printers here in Perth have no idea about scrapbooking. And what sort of size should I be looking at? I had some printed for myself at Snap Printing and for one 12"x12" they had to use one A3 size paper and that cost me $2 per print. I hope you can give me a cheaper option.
Very many thanks in advance,
Jacky Dahlhaus


Hi Jacky

First of all, congratulations on your initiative and creativity in starting your own commercial printing of scrapbook background pages! I wish you every success :)

I am not a commercial manufacturer of any products myself so am not sure how best to advise you. I would think that scrapbook paper manufacturers can charge the prices they do for their pages because they have purchased their 'raw' paper in bulk at a cheaper rate. It will always cost more to produce smaller quantities of papers.

I would suggest you do bring out a 12" x 12" range of scrapbook paper backgrounds as that is the most common size of the pages in most full-sized traditional albums.

Perhaps if you are looking at a commercial venture you could contact a paper manufacturer in your area and discuss your needs with them? A paper manufacturer would be aware of the archival paper standards that exist here in Australia and could advise you on the cost of purchasing or printing decent quantities of scrapbooking paper. Then they could also give you a discount that would allow you to add on your own mark-up and receive a profit for your work.

Another idea may be to contact a scrapbook paper company directly and ask them if they are looking for paper designers. They may be willing to pay for your ideas :)

If you just want to produce unique papers in small quantities, you may find people are willing to pay more for a unique and/or customised background paper from you and you can add on your profit to the Snap Printing costs.

Perhaps readers here at PaperCraftCentral will have more ideas. How about it, everyone? Can you help Jacky out with some ideas or advice?


PS: If anyone wants to check on what acid free, lignin free and buffered means, this page tells about archival materials like that.

Or if you want to see some designer series paper and plain or textured cardstock, look up products/catalogues on SusanSalutations.

Have a crafty day!

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