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Paper Twists September 2013
September 21, 2013

September 2013 Paper Twists \

Welcome to all new subscribers and a big 'hello' to all!

I am off on a holiday in a Motorhome this month. It's a lot of fun to travel, but I didn't think I could go without crafting for a whole month.

It took some thought to make up a set of tools and supplies to take with me, and glory be, it is working!

That made me think of you and what you might like to consider next time you go on vacation and want to take minimal supplies. So far I have made two grandsons birthday cards, a birthday card for my sister, a thank you card and a sympathy card for my daughter, another birthday card for a dear friend who has a birthday close to the time we return from our break, a card for a 70th birthday, some gift tags, a surprise card for another girlfriend, and I have orders to make more Thinking of You cards when I get home. It has definitely been worthwhile having some craft supplies on hand, to say nothing of the fun I have been having with craft!

Want to know what I took with me? Just for you, I'm adding 'craft while traveling' tips and ideas to the What's New? section of

You can see some of the cards I have been making at my Facebook page too. Just look up PaperCraftCentral on Facebook and 'like' my page there. I hope those of you who have traveled will add some practical traveling craft tips of your own.



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