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Here's the Latest Papercraft News and Updates:

Ink Stain Removal


Ink stain removal from skin can be a problem unless you have some handy tips in mind.

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Inchies and Twinchies


Inchies and Twinchies are such satisfying little embellishments! 'What's a Twinchie?' I hear you ask? C'mon in and find out!

Continue reading "Inchies and Twinchies"

How to Make Envelopes


Would you like to know how to make envelopes for your handmade greeting cards? Here's a way!

Continue reading "How to Make Envelopes"


Friendship-Scrapbooking-Ideas are great to use as an encouragement, or for when friends are moving away, or to mark special occasions in friend's livesy.

Continue reading "Friendship-Scrapbooking-Ideas"

Birthday Cards


Birthday cards are probably the most often made greetings. Here's some ideas for making handmade birthday greeting cards.

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Inchies are small works of art that have quite an appeal amongst papercrafters! Find out how to make some miniature art here.

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How to Make Paper Flowers

PaperFlower good fls

Would you like to know how to make paper flowers? Find many ways to make paper flowers on this page.

Continue reading "How to Make Paper Flowers"

Happy 30th Birthday


I made a Happy 30th Birthday card for one of my husband's workmates this week.

Continue reading "Happy 30th Birthday"

Glossy Card Stock


Did you know? Glossy Card Stock can be used to make faux flannel blankets!

Continue reading "Glossy Card Stock"

Framelit Anniversary Card


Make a framelit anniversary card in a jiffy with your Stampin' Up! Big Shot nested heart dies.

Continue reading "Framelit Anniversary Card"

Fold Greeting Card


A two fold greeting card is easy to make and looks so interesting!

Continue reading "Fold Greeting Card"

Handmade Cards are the Best Made Cards!


Why make handmade cards? If you need a little encouragement to make your own greeting cards, come and see why I do it.

Continue reading "Handmade Cards are the Best Made Cards!"

Glitter Embossing

Glitter embossing is a lovely technique you can easily achieve with Heat 'n Stick powder. Here's how!

Continue reading "Glitter Embossing"

Get Well Card


Make a cheery get well card to take with you to visit a hospital patient next time instead of or as well as bringing fresh flowers

Continue reading "Get Well Card"

Gatefold Cards

Gate fold card front

Gatefold Cards are easy to make. Find out how here and add this interesting technique to your handmade cards!

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