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What Surprise will You Put Inside the Box?

Do you love surprises? Do you love giving people surprise gifts? An Explosion Box might be right for that next gift idea you need.

You can find the instructions for making a basic Explosion Box by following the link below. The surprise you add must be your own choice though 😊

Have fun planning your surprise!


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What are All These Glues For?

Let me help you decide which glue to use for what while you are papercrafting. Who needs the stress of guessing about glues, anyway?

Papercraftng is supposed to be relaxing and fun! Lol!

Have fun finding out about all the adhesives I have ever stuck down.


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Candy Bar Cards Make People Laugh

What's not to love about getting a card with your favourite chocolates all over it, as words of the message a loved one has sent?

It's fun to be creative with paper and chocolate. Wrapped, of course. At least till you give it to your recipient. Well, most of my chocolates go to my recipients when I make a candy bar card. Lol!

Check out the great ideas other readers have submitted at the bottom of the candy bar card page too. There are some good ideas there!


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Paper Butterflies are So Versatile

Did you know that paper butterflies can be used as images appropriate for a great variety of occasions?

Butterflies go with all sorts of ideas, such as celebration (think weddings, birthdays), seasons (spring, summer), new beginnings (new home, retirement) and even new life (births, christenings). I often use them on sympathy cards too. Butterflies seem to evoke the idea of the ethereal and the Holy Spirit in me, along with dove images.

Use butterfly images like these to make an especially beautiful card front, to accent journaling, to add background images to your scrapbook pages, or to enhance 3-d projects.

You can cut the images out to pop them up, too. I usually choose a full image and then fold it in half along the body. Sometimes I fold on either side of the narrow body so I have a platform to glue the butterfly to. I like the larger single butterflies as they would be less fussy to cut out than the smaller ones. But smaller images are what you need sometimes. Maybe stamp a few out and sit with your little paper snips in front of TV for a night and cut out a whole flock of butterflies.

Butterfly images are also good for home decor. Imagine a shadow box picture done with stamped butterflies and scrolls, with many of the butterflies fussy cut out and adhered as 3-d images! That would make a great gift idea too.

Use butterflies to grace your gift tags and little thank you cards.

Stamp out two images of symmetrical butterflies and glue them back to back with a toothpick in the middle as cupcake toppers.

You could make hundreds of butterflies and make a curtain of them for a party, celebration or home decor.

Check out how to make some today.


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PaperCraftCentral is now a SECURE site ☺

You may have noticed some re-arranging of pages, titles, places where things used to be etc around here, as when I decided to make PaperCraftCentral a SECURE site, I did a little maintenance too.

Making the site secure means that any information you share with me, including any purchase information, can no longer be stole. Your personal details will remain as safe as having a green padlock on the site can make it.

It also means there was one tiny change to all the page URLs (addresses) in the site. I changed from being a http site to a https site. That should not impact you too much, unless you have linked to my pages on your own site or blog, in which case the link may appear broken without the addition of that little 's'. Just change the link on your site and all should function smoothly again.

On the other hand, maybe there will be a couple of broken links on PaperCraftCentral. Maybe I didn't change them all yet. If you do notice any, please contact me on the 'Contact Me' page and I will get those fixed asap.Just copy the page URL (address) and tell me what link isn't working on that page. Thanks for your help!

Enjoy safe, secure browsing on the new hhtps://!

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Making Your Own Rub Ons With A Laser Printer

Hi, Thank you for your tutorial on making your own rub on transfers... please could you tell me if you used an inkjet printer or laser printer for this?

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Flat Paper Trimmer Cut

I found this site on a Google search because I have a question that has bothered me awhile. It's about the edges of cardstock after I make a cut with

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Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to tell your real life story. Scrapbook journalling is often the key. Tell your story so others can read and understand what is important to you.

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Christmas Cards!

Christmas! It's getting closer every day! I gathered together some Christmas card ideas for you to CASE or to help with inspiration.

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How to Make a Scrapbook

Making a scrapbook for Christmas or another special occasion? Not sure where to start? Find some helpful hints and ideas for how to put a personal album of your own together here.

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Making Custom Rub-Ons

Can't find just the right words or images that will suit your project? Make your own rub-on embellishments with a Word Window sheet and an ink jet printer.

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Find a Scrapbook Theme

Finding a theme for your scrapbook album can sometimes be just the trigger for you to create. You can see many suggestions here for ways to bring your albums into focus with a theme. See if any of them would suit your purpose.

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The Well-Groomed Crafter

Getting inky while creating things with paper is fun. You might not mind that at all, but then again you might want to look less inky when you go out. I gathered ideas from many experienced crafters for you about how to remove those crafty ink stains from your skin....

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Making Greeting Cards

I have listed loads of techniques and ideas for how to make handmade greeting cards on these pages. Sit down with a cuppa and browse through. Find instructions and examples on every page.

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Masculine Get Well Card

Do you need to make a get well card for a man in your life? Find some ideas here that will make him feel special and maybe even make him laugh.

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