Paper Butterfly 2

Here's a way to decorate in Paper Butterfly 2, with many thanks to Maria.

"Love is like a butterfly,
it goes where it pleases
and it pleases where it goes"


Maria from Keep Wine Simple sent me some pictures of the paper butterflies that are decorating the escalators at a Nieman Marcus store in California. I just had to show you the other three extra pictures she sent me.

Doesn't this look great? The store hung lots of single paper flutterbys individually from strings to make it seem shoppers were traveling through an indoor storm of beauty.

paper butterfly, 3-d papercraft

Make a Curtain of Butterflies in Paper Butterfly 2

Sometimes just seeing a lovely idea like this in real life gives you the inspiration to try something like it for your own events and parties. I think the paper butterflies I show you how to make would be perfect to use in a similar way. I love making my own home decor, don't you?

paper butterfly, 3-d papercraft

Maria made lots of suggestions about how this idea could be used at a garden party, graduation, baby shower etc, and I think she is brilliant for thinking these ideas up. I can just imagine using vellum to make the pretty insects, and silver strings to hang them, or you may want to use a stiffer tissue paper or cellophane, or experiment with some Japanese origami papers to make them.

You could even combine these materials to make some really special decorations if you didn't want to make a curtain of them. Think picture frames covered in them, a mirror with a frame of them, the frame of a bedhead covered in them, a special door plaque for a child's room...

paper butterfly, 3-d papercraft

The beauty of a papercraft idea is in how you can alter it to make it your own unique way of creating something special.

Maybe you can think of other lovely ways to use this paper butterfly idea? If you can I hope you will tell me about it, and if you have a picture then all the better, as you can see from the ones Maria sent.

Pictures really do help us to visualise the possibilities we have at our fingertips with paper and a way to make something like these little butterflies.

If you are reading this, Maria, thank you again for taking the time to write to me and sending me some pictures of a beautiful way to decorate with paper.

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