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September 21, 2010

Welcome to "Paper Twists"

So much has happened since I last wrote! New ideas and products have come out on the market making it absolutely wonderful to sit at my craft desk and create. I hope you are finding it the same and have been able to get your hands on some new items and goodies to play with.

Lately I have been making cards in bulk for Christmas Stamp-A-Stacks. Yes, it is that time of year again. It is so much quicker to make cards in a batch, isn't it. When you already have the stamps, ink, card stock and most importantly, the idea you want to use, right at your fingertips, why not make more than one card at a time? If you haven't already started your holiday cards, plan a bulk card making session soon. Store your completed cards in a box of their own and if you want to be really organised, address the envelopes to your friends and family. Then when it comes time to mail them out, you will have most of the job already done. I'm all for less stress in December.

I've been wanting to play with some new products Stampin' Up! has brought out in Australia this month and can't wait for my next order to come. I plan to get some of those yummy new shimmer paints. Did you know you can mix them with permanent ink to add shimmer and shine to acrylic projects? You can also add pigment inks to them and stamp with them to add a beautiful shimmer to your projects. Look for some new projects along those lines at next month.

A new tool I have been having fun with is the Circle Scissors Plus. Wow! It makes any size circle up to almost 12" in diameter! No more buying special circle mats for my scrapbook pages. With my punches and markers and inks I can create unique borders for my circles too.

That tool saves me money! I'm not wandering craft stores nearly as much, spending money on mats and divers other items! Lol! Well, that's what I told my husband anyway :)

On a personal note, this month we have a brand new puppy in the house. The puppy has fast become one of my favourite photo subjects. I plan to make a little album with him as the star one of these days very soon. You can see why I think he is so cute if you take a look at his photos.

If you have a new pet, may I encourage you to take some pictures of your own? I think making a tiny paper bag album would be a wonderful way to remember how small and cute new puppies and kittens can be. They grow so fast! I plan to take photos of my puppy next to objects that will show his small size, for example. In his case, the cat will do!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this issue of "Paper Twists". I appreciate your subscription so have given you exclusive access to some of the pages on in this issue.

Thanks for reading and happy paper crafting till next time!


PS: This popular page has been updated recently, towards the bottom of the page:

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