16th Bday Card

by Lisa
(Visalia, Ca, USA)

A 60th birthday candy bar card that Susan made

A 60th birthday candy bar card that Susan made

I made my daughters on Styrofoam board and wrote the card in marker. It's kinda long.

For your 16th birthday we wanted to give you a trip to the MILKY WAY to see some STARBURST as you ORBIT MARS but we thought that would be NUTRAGEOUS. Then we considered a shopping SPREE in New YORK on 5th AVENUE or the SYMPHONY. We knew a pet KIT KAT or WHATCHAMACALLIT just wouldn't due.
We know what a SMARTEE you are. You could be anyone's SUGAR BABIES(BABY), but don't go LOOK ing for a BIG HUNK or MR GOODBAR to do the CHARLESTON with. You just might find NERDS, AIRHEADS, GOOBERS or MILK DUDS instead. Your (crossed out SUGAR)DADDY is the only one who matters anyway.
You're a real LIFESAVER because you always make us CHUCKLE(S). We think you're EXTRA SPECIAL and a real TREASURE because you're such a SWEET TART. Soon enough you will experience lifes ROCKY ROAD. Always know your family loves you to (REESE'S)PIECES.
We wish you MOUNDS of ALMOND JOY as you SKOR another birthday. We hope today results in a PAYDAY taking you from ZERO to 100 GRAND and it doesn't slip through your BUTTERFINGERS.
So TAKE 5 and enjoy this card. If you ROLO ver and get sick tonight we promise not to let you hear the SNICKERS!


Oh, Lisa, how inventive you are. Your card sounds as though it would have made a big hit at your daughter's birthday. I love how you even used a candy bar to make the word 'rollover'. Very clever indeed.

Thank you for sending your card's words in to me.

If you ever take a picture of your finished card, I would love to see it. I put my own example up for others to see the type of card you made in the meantime :)

Come back again and share some more of your work.


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