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Cricut Imagine

by Sue

My Janome Artistic Edge Digital Cutting and Embroidery Machine

My Janome Artistic Edge Digital Cutting and Embroidery Machine

Hi Susan

I bought a used Imagine from a friend and was wondering if I can make those vinyl sayings that people put on their walls with this machine. What cartridge would I need to get and how do I buy the vinyl?

I just started doing scrapbooking and like it very much, but have LOTS of questions. :)



Hi Sue

Thank you for your question and your confidence in me. I love the thought of using an electronic cutting machine but sadly I have not yet mastered the skill!

I am on my way though as I recently purchased a Janome Artistic Edge and should be having a few lessons in how to use it soon, but for now I am a newbie with digital cutters.

The Imagine is a Cricut machine, and I have not used a Cricut before either.

That said, one of the things that attracted me to using a digital cutter was the thought that I could make interesting, customisable and beautiful gifts with vinyl sayings and images. I know various scrapbooking stores do sell the vinyl and that there is such a one in Arkansas USA called Clarinda's Corner. Clarinda makes beautiful vinyl gifts. You didn't say where you are located in the world so I am not sure Clarinda's shop will be somewhere you could get to, but I would try searching your hobby and craft shops to find a local supplier. Or the friend who sold you the machine may have a good idea of where to get the vinyl?

Here in Australia I would try the Cricut website for information about local suppliers.

Wherever they sell Cricut machines, they should also stock the vinyl. You should be able to search online for a supplier near you by typing 'Cricut, vinyl' into your search engine, then clicking on the 'shopping' tab in your web browser.

I love enabling people to shop. Lol!

Once you have started using your machine I hope you will come back and show me some of your projects. I like the idea of putting sayings on walls and doors. Glass wear with special event dates on them would make gorgeous wedding, graduation, anniversary and welcome baby gifts, don't you think? And of course, you will also be able to make scrapbook page titles in many fonts using many different papercrafting materials, including cardstock. Just think of the intricate cuts you will be able to make for borders and greeting cards, too. All that choice at your fingertips should be great! I am also thinking I can use my machine for some of my other hobby love's projects - quilting.

I can't wait to learn how to use my machine. It's going to be fun, I am sure.

Happy crafting


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Layered Cricut project and how to seal it

by Mary

The coloured fish has Crystak Effects on him.

The coloured fish has Crystak Effects on him.

I made homecoming decorations for our football players with my Cricut. There are two to three layers in some places. I used glue sticks to put together but I want to seal it so nothing falls off...laminating doesn't work because of the is too thick for laminating. Do you have a suggestion?? Thank you in advance for helping me💜


Hi Mary

Thanks for your question. I would have loved to see a picture of what you are doing, but think I can make some suggestions anyway.

I hate to tell you, but glue sticks aren't very strong. They will not hold anything thicker than ordinary printing paper together for long. You might like to use a stronger glue to adhere layers together next time, such as a liquid glue like Tombow Multi.

The good news is, you can add a stronger adhesive to your items to seal and strengthen them and they will probably be fine!

When I have small cut out items that are layered such as numbers or letters or an image that I am featuring on a card, I generally add a glossy layer of Crystal Effects to them. I let them dry thoroughly, usually overnight, before touching them after applying the Crystal Effects, so I don't accidentally wind up with perfectly preserved fingerprints on them. Lol! The finished item will not be water proof but should be pretty hard and smooth and glossy, like the fish I used on my first sample above.

When I have large areas to adhere together and seal, I use Mod Podge to seal items onto the surface, such as on a canvas (see my example above. The dragonfly and flowers etc have all been adhered to the canvas with Mod Podge, then painted over with Mod Podge). You can use a foam brush to add the Mod Podge to flattish areas, and you can use other paint brushes to add Mod Podge to things like silk flowers or other 3-d items. Whenever you use Mod Podge, always be sure to allow each layer to dry completely before adding another layer. Adding layers helps to stiffen and strengthen the item. It is not water-proof so bear that in mind. The finished item will be glossy or matte, depending on the type of Mod Podge you choose. Also, the item might have a slight tacky feel even when it is totally dry.

Another idea is to cut yet another layer out of cereal box card or even thicker cardstock and add that layer to the back of you project to stiffen it before you seal it.

When you add Crystal Effects or Mod Podge, be sure to coat the sides of your project too. This will really seal the layers together.

I hope these ideas help. Do let me know what you try and how it turns out for you.

I have written more information on site about adhesives in general and Mod Podge and Crystal Effects in particular for you.

Let me know if you have more questions!


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