Cultural heritage project

Hi Susan!!!!

We are having a heritage project that describes our heritage and it's due in 2 months!! I am using a tri fold board and I need a very creative way to decorate it!!

I think my theme should be brown and western style type, you know. And I want to use these pop out cardboard sticker for the titles and I don't know where to buy them!! I also need some other ideas to make it simple and creative.



Hi there

It sounds as though you are starting your project early, which is a very good idea. I like the idea of using brown for the heritage theme, and was wondering if you could use gold edging on the pictures to help make them stand out. Brown and gold goes together very nicely.

I am not sure which country you live in, but if you have craft or scrapbook stores near you, they may stock the pop out letter stickers you are after.

To make your board a bit fancier you can cut down the two sides and shape the middle section. You could perhaps use some paper punches to cut shapes into the middle top section. If you found a jigsaw punch (or could hand cut a photo into jigsaw shapes) you could make one of the photos look like a puzzle.

Instead of the paper punch idea, you could use a stencil of a scroll border to guide you in cutting it out with scissors. You can print out a really intricate border design and paste it in the board, then just shape the top of the board into a curve. I googled 'scroll border' just now and got lots of lovely images that you might like.

I wonder if anyone else has some ideas to help with this project? If so, please do chime in to the discussion!


You might like these ideas as well:

Use the Star burst card idea to make the background look a bit like a quilt.
Or try weaving paper to make a background. The technique is at the bottom of the birthday card page.

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