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Glue Gun

A hot glue gun can add a lot to your paper crafting. It has the capability to hold larger, heavier items together well. Read about some tips for using one safely and effectively.

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Paper Punch Art

Do you want to use your paper punches more? I love to get more use from my papercrafting tools than the obvious purpose they have.

If you want to have the instructions for how to make a cute punched bear, click on the live link below.

I worked this little critter out awhile ago and still think he is a cutie.

Happy punching!

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How to Remove Ink Stains from Yourself

I was crafting in the caravan a day or so ago and was suddenly reminded of the need to know how to remove ink stains from my arm when it inadvertently rested on a bright blue ink pad. I was sure not going to use my arm as a stamp on my sweet little card! I remembered to get out the stamp cleaner first and sprayed a paper towel with it before rubbing some ink off my arm. It took some off but not all, so I reverted to my tried and true method. If you want to know what that is, follow the link to the page I wrote about it and never be concerned about ink stains on yourself again! ☺

Happy clean crafting!


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Gift Bag Punch Board

The Stampin' Up! Gift Bag Punch Board makes customising your gift wrapping so easy. Learn how to use it here!

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Scrapbooking while Traveling

How do you scrap while you are traveling?

I am having a year of travel around Australia, in a caravan. I saw an idea we are trialing, where you buy a post card in every town you stay in, then write your memories on the back. You bind them together with a hole punch and two book rings. Then at least your journaling is done and you have a much better chance of working out which photos go where when you get home! The other advantage of this method is that it takes up minimal room.

I have also thought of printing out the best of my photos as I go and storing them in envelopes with a few notes to tell me where we were and when.

I am on the lookout for pages to use in my album too. Yesterday I found a lovely map of Australia on a 12" x 12" page! I think it will be perfect for marking out where we have been.

Another idea is for me to buy a kit from Stampin' Up! that has cards and sentiments all made up, then adding these to a pocket album as I print out my monthly best shots. Hmm. That would be a good idea, I am thinking!

Tell me about your ideas for scrapbooking while traveling?

Happy scrapping


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Giant Paper Flower

Make a giant paper flower for your next big party or event, or to add to your home decor!

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How to Make An Explosion Album or Card

Explosions boxes and cards are very popular right now. And why not? They can delight and surprise!

If you have not made one of these easy 3-d projects before, follow the live link below to get instructions and examples.

Happy papercrafting!


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Need Some Glue Advice/Information?

We use so many different materials in papercrafing, but do we always know what adhesives to use? Someone asked me how to glue felt to chipboard the other day and I recommended using hot glue or a Xyron machine.

If you need to know how to use a hot glue gun, a Xyron machine or many other ways to adhere your projects, find out more about the sticky world of papercraft adhesives by following the link below.

Happy gluing!


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For Beginning Flower Makers and Beyond!

If you have wanted to know how to make paper flowers, this page is a jumping off point for you to discover many different methods to do that. If you do not have the exact same punches or dies mentioned on the page, experiment with the instructions and see what kind of flowers you can make.

For more experienced crafters, there are a few techniques mentioned that you might like to try. Want soft flowers? Try the faux suede technique. Want Giant flowers? Got that covered. Want to use something other than cardstock? Follow the link below and keep scrolling till you find something you like 😊

Don't see what you want? Scroll down to tell me what type of paper flowers you would like to know how to make.

Got a paper flower idea to share? You can tell me about it here too and get published on

I keep adding paper flower ideas to this page. Follow the link to see all my paper flower instructions so far.

Happy paper flower making!


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Made Any Candy Bar Cards Lately?

I would love to see some new Candy Bar Cards. Have you made any lately? You can share them on the Candy Bar Card page.

Whenever there is a decade birthday or anniversary happening, I always think of using a Candy Bar card but have not made one recently. It would be great to have some inspiration!

Happy Card Making


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