How to make Adhesive Hinge Strips for my Portfolio Pages

(Columbus Ohio)

A Paper Bag Card sewn together with thread

A Paper Bag Card sewn together with thread

Hello Susan,
I see that you know a lot about adhesives and I was wondering if you had any suggestion on what type of adhesive I could use for both thin plastic and paper.

I want to use 8.5" Adhesive Hinge Strips.

Thanks so much!



Thanks for your inquiry. I had a look at the link you sent me and the adhesive hinge strips you mentioned already have adhesive on them?

In the instructions on the page it tells you to peel off the backing and apply the hinges to your project with that adhesive. The adhesive would probably be strong enough to adhere both paper and plastic together.

I would just try using the existing adhesive on your prepared hinges.

When I have bound bulky things together with my own hand-made hinges, I have often used brads, ribbon/twine or staples under them first to ensure the booklet does not come apart. I cover the brads, ribbon/twine or staples with my decorative hinges.

If the work is relatively light, you can use Crystal Effects to adhere your hinges. It is a very strong glue that will hold just about anything. In the example I have shown on this page, I actually sewed the pieces together with thread. I made the thread holes first with my paper piercing tool, then sewed the booklet together. I could have adhered hinges over the spine to help hide the threads and holes but they were pretty invisible anyway so I decided not to.

If the work is super light, then Sticky Strip should work. Sticky Strip is a lovely strong double-sided adhesive tape.

My Adhesives page has more information on it about different types of glues and tapes as well.

I hope this answers your query :) Happy crafting!


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Apr 05, 2012
You are Welcome
by: Susan

Thanks for explaining a little more about your project, Brittany :) I do hope you find a good way to complete your portfolio. There are so many ways to bind something together. When you said you needed 100 tabs I became concerned that Sticky Strip and Crystal Effects may not be strong enough, unless you have a good cover to take some of the strain of so many pages as well? The weight of your portfolio may be significant and the pages may want to separate unless they have good support.

I know you don't want to have holes in the pages. At least make the hinges a bit wider so the pages really have something to grab on to. Also choose something strong to make the hinges out of such as cardstock.

Do let me know how it all turns out!

Apr 05, 2012
Thanks for the info
by: Brittany

Hello Susan,

thanks so much for the information. I just wanted to clear up the confusion- I included the link for the already made hinge strips so you could get an idea of what I am trying to achieve in creating my own hinge strips- since the ones to be purchased are around $1 a piece and I would be using around 100 of them. I will try the Crystal Effects and the Sticky Strip double sided tape to see what works best. Thanks again- Happy crafting!

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