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Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Written and Created by PaperCraftCentral Susan

Double sided adhesive tape is a great adhesive to use in your paper crafting. You can get varying levels of stickiness in these tapes, from temporary hold capacity only to you'll-never-move-me strength!

I like the former for adjusting elements till I am happy and the latter for things like box building where you need that added strength.

Read on for more information and let me know if you have questions about these products.

"I love using Stampin' Up!'s Tear and Tape for when I need a super strong hold."


Double sided adhesive tape

What is Double Sided Adhesive Tape used for?

Double sided adhesive tape comes in several forms.

You can find it in rolls with backing paper on it. The tape with white or off-white backing paper is usually very good for adhering layers of cardstock together and adhering photos to pages.

Stampin' Up!'s Tear and Tape

You can get Stampin' Up!'s  Tear and Tape which  is a strong double sided tape that allows you to be confident that your embellishments and photos will stay where you want them to be. This tape is also very good to use when building paper boxes or other 3-d items that require strength at adhered seams. That is when I usually reach for it.

This adhesive comes in rolls and you tear off pieces as needed. I always tear a piece and place it on my project before peeling off the protective backing.

There are some great things about this tape. The sticky part is heat or pressure activated. If you have trouble separating the backing paper from the sticky part, just press your warm finger onto the end of the strip before trying to peel up the backing bit. The heat and pressure from your own finger will activate the glue and allow you to peel away the backing without any trouble. Yes, this really does work! Many people have no trouble peeling off the backing without using this step, but I guess it depends how cold your weather is?

Many people use the Take Your Pick tool to lift off the backing paper, especially the sharp, pointed end or the spatula shaped end.

Tear and Tape has some great features. For example:

  • It is a double-sided, pressure sensitive adhesive
  • It is very strong, so is perfect for sticking die-cut boxes together
  • You can stick down buttons or do some heavy cardstock layering using this kind of adhesive
  • It's acid free so is good for scrapbooking and using on photos
  • It is extra tacky so works well on ribbon for cardmaking
  • No need for scissors to cut a length off

I find a little of this tape goes a long way.

Tear And Tape

Normal strength double-sided tape on a roll

Stampin' Up! always has versions of tape in a handy canister so do check out the adhesives in my online store if you would like to order some. It is known as Stampin' Seal Adhesive and comes in a handy dispenser.  You can get refills as well.

Ordinary double-sided tape has certain advantages:

  • Easier to remove if you place it where it isn't really wanted. Try slowly rolling it off with your finger or use an adhesive remover tool
  • It is sticky enough for scrapbook page layers and card layers, though maybe not sticky enough for heavier embellishments like buttons
  • It is Acid free
  • It can be torn off with your dispenser rather than having to be cut with scissors - this is good for crafters who like to do things simply
  • It has no annoying backing sheet to have to peel up

TIP: You can make this double sided tape stick more firmly by being sure to burnish it well with your bone folder after you stick two pieces of cardstock together.

Stampin Seal
Stampin Seal Refill

This super-strength double sided adhesive tape bonds instantly and neatly. It is safe for memory preservation projects and great for 3D projects.

* You get 16.4 yards (15 m) in a roll
* It is Acid free
* Refills are available

I learned to use it gently. There is no need to press hard with it. It can barely touch your project and glide along the space you want to use it.

I use a tick motion to break the tape off when I want to finish laying a line of it down. I alternate by ticking upwards and downwards. This helps me keep the tape on its roll.

If you do lose the end of the tape, feel for the sticky with your finger and attach it to the dispenser end again with a quick slide of your finger along the dispenser's edge.

To add in the refill, feel along your case's edge and you will find a seam where it can pop apart. Remove the innards, taking note of how the adhesive has been put together. The innards will look exactly like your new refill.

Now take your refill and gently place it where the old one was, being sure to snap it in place.

You're all set to go!

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