Xyron 150

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I think the Xyron 150 is a perfect tool for making stickers of delicate scrapbook and card embellishments. Make your own embellishments with ribbon and paper, flowers and more. Scroll down to find out a few more uses for this clever little machine.

"Once I got into card making, I forgot how to tell time"
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Xyron 150

Making Stickers out of Delicate Materials with a Xyron 150

If you want to make stickers for cards and scrapbook pages, a Xyron 150 is a suitable tool to make small-ish embellishments easier to handle and adhere. You can get one of these machines from lots of craft stores and stationery supply shops. They aren't very expensive, or they weren't when I bought mine a few years ago.

Of course, you can always use Stampin' Up!s Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets (item no 120805) in your Big Shot machine as well. This is great for making bigger stickers and making adhesive backings for fabrics too.

Punching a shape from a piece of tissue backed with Xyron adhesive
Finished punched shapes

To glue down such delicate materials can be a hassle. Some glues will cause the item to shrink and curl, some will not be clear when dried, some will be pretty messy to use. You could use a glue pen like the one from Stampin' Up! but another way to flatten the item out and make it easier to handle and completely adherable (is that a word?) is to use the Xyron machine to make it into a sticker.

Once you have punched your shapes, it is easy and quick to make it into a sticker. Just feed the item into the top of your Xyron tool:

xyron 150 top view

Now find the end of the roll of tape in the bottom of the tool and give it a steady pull to allow the shape to be fed through the middle of the machine. Adjust the item to ensure it feeds through straight. Mine managed to creep a little to one side but it still turned out OK.

Removing element from Xyron
Making scrapbook embellishments with a Xyron machine

Now tear the tape off just as though it were a sticky tape dispenser.

The next step is to rub the item to ensure all the backing has adhesive on it. Use the back of your fingernail, a bone folder, a flower shaping tool or the back of a spoon to rub over the embellishment firmly.

See how it even says to do that on the clear layer of adhesive tape?

Xyron element

Now peel up the clear layer of tape and discard it. Finally, peel up your new sticker embellishment and adhere it to your card or scrapbook page.

Xyron sticker removal
Xyron paper elements

I hope you will find using the Xyron 150 a useful tool when you want to make stickers for your paper craft projects. You can also use it to make stickers out of such things as:

  • Buttons
  • Brads/crystals
  • Ribbons
  • Netting/Tulle/other sewing material
  • Felt
  • Cork
  • Toothpicks
  • Cardstock
  • Feathers
  • Dried flowers but be careful with these as they may crumble a bit when being removed from the backing sheet
  • Any other material that is flat enough and sturdy enough to fit through the machine and be peeled off the tape on the other side
  • There are a few more ideas and larger Xyron machines at Hub Pages.

Have fun!

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