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Heat Embossing Tips

by Marie

Heat Embossed Teddy Bear

Heat Embossed Teddy Bear

Hi Susan

I have a problem with heat embossing. When I heat emboss stamped images, I find the card distorts from the heat.

What can I do to stop this happening?



Hi Marie

Yes, heat embossing can cause your paper to curl, usually because you may be heating the paper too much and slightly scorching it due to the length of time you are heating it. Paper dries out very quickly when heated and that makes it curl and become crisp.

I always turn my heat gun on and let it heat for a few seconds before heating the paper and embossing powder (EP) so I can leave the heat on my project for a shorter period of time.

Another thing to try is to hold the embossing tool further from the paper. It does not need to be held too close to the EP. Lift the tool away immediately after the EP melts.

If that doesn't work try to heat the paper from underneath instead of on top. If you are very careful you can use a toaster to do this, but be sure to hold the paper with tweezers and hold it just close enough to be heated, not burnt - it could catch on fire if held too close to the toaster (and you could be burnt too if you do not use tongs or tweezers - take care not to drop them into the toaster! As a matter of fact, I wouldn't use a toaster....)

You can also try placing your card on a small wire cake-rack while heating the EP. The card/paper will be less likely to curl as it will cool more quickly after heating and your hand won't get burned as easily. Hold the paper down with a wooden skewer or tweezers while you are heating it.

I hope one of these solutions helps you. If you are like me, you are embossing a lot lately while making Christmas cards ;)

Happy Embossing


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