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by Chevy

Adhering cardboard ot cardboard

Adhering cardboard ot cardboard

Paper to paper.



Hi Chevy

I am not sure what you are asking about. If you are asking if glue guns can glue paper to paper, then yes, they can. They will leave a raised bead of glue behind though unless you are very sparing with the glue, so I would not use a glue gun where I wanted a perfectly flat finish and where it was definitely going to show if I did not get that part smooth.

Yes, glue guns do glue paper to paper, but they also glue cardboard to cardboard, felt to felt, fabric to fabric, etc. I have used them to adhere fabric flowers together. I have used them to make 3-d Christmas ornaments. I have used them to make hair clip decorations but have then sewn the decoration to the metal part of the clip as hot glue does not grab onto metals too well.

The idea is that you should use your hot glue to adhere things that are porous together. Porous materials like paper and fabric work well with hot glue as they adsorb some of the adhesive, making a stronger bond. If you have shiny, non-porous materials like glass or plastic, the cold glue will not hold to them and will peel off quite easily. You may also melt plastic with hot glue.

Because of its easy peel characteristic, I have heard you can make your own window decorations at Christmas with hot glue. I haven't tried it though so be careful and test it somewhere first to make sure it comes off your windows, before committing to a whole window treatment all at once!

Remember there are also tips about reducing those annoying strings of hot glue that form while you are using your glue gun.

If this is not what you were meaning, please comment again with a more specific question and I will get back to you.

Thanks for visiting!


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