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Gift Bag Punch Board

Written and Created by PaperCraftCentral Susan

The Gift Bag Punch Board from Stampin' Up! makes customising your gift wrapping so easy!

You can learn how to use it by watching the video a bit further down the page.

When and why should you use it?

I love to use it when I want to make a present really special for a friend or family member.

You can use the colour and stamps you want, the embellishments are yours to choose, and you can put any greeting you like with your personalised present.

Also, think of the money you will save by being able to make your own! Some of the ones you buy are quite expensive.  I never have to go out shopping for ways to make my presents pretty. I can just sit down in my craft room and make my own.

You can even customise your gift tags with your paper craft tools and stamps, and use ribbon, threads or staples to add them to your projects.

How to Use the Gift Bag Punch Board

This video from Stampin' Up! shows how to get great use out of your new papercraft tool.

It really is an easy tool to use as all the measurements and sizes have been worked out for you. You can make small, medium and large bags.

Scroll down further to see some examples of bags my friends and I have made with this tool.

What would you use a customised bag for?

I have some examples of my own gift bag punch board projects for you to see. I hope they will inspire you to make your own.

I  use my customised containers for birthdays, bon voyage, welcome presents, and all sorts of occasions where it is nice to give a gift. They make wonderful thank you presents.

It really is fun to make tiny little things like these:

Gift Bag Punch Board Project

Or to make really tall ones like this one.  Imagine incense sticks housed in a little wrapper like this, or tall candles, or new pens or pencils, anything tall and thin really 

Gift bag punch board projects

You can even make them like this for square-ish shaped gifts like soap or a pillar candle:

Gift bag punch board ideas

I like to use my other paper punches to decorate my projects too, as you can see from the use of the flower one in my examples. The little paper bow looks gorgeous too.

Don't forget your Christmas and Easter wrapping can also be enhanced by making a customised sack for each giHaving pre-made bags on hand makes wrapping jewelry, chocolates, tickets, candles, and all sorts of small exquisite presents a breeze.

I love to add foil wrapped hollow chocolate eggs to them. 

I hope you will make your own gift bags with your own punch board. Remember if you live in Australia, you can follow the link to the right to my online store and have one delivered to your home.

Other Ideas

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Enjoy your crafting!

You may also like the following papercraft projects:

Enjoy your crafting!

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