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Personalised Recipe Cards make anyone's cooking days seem brighter!

"Lentils are friendly —
the Miss Congeniality of the bean world."
~Laurie Colwin

recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook

My Savoury Lentils - Made for a Healthy Recipe Cards Swap

If you have some heirloom recipes or some family favourites, why not make up your own personal cook book, album or box with some like these?

There are plenty of reasons to use this idea as a delightful and practical gift for someone too. For instance, I thought of making a batch of never-fail recipes up for a new bride recently, or for sending with your son or daughter as they leave the family home, or to show a grandparent how special their tastes of the kitchen are, and you may have even more ideas about how to use them. You're bound to treasure them even more once you have created a scrapped version of your favourites!

When you start making your collection, something else to think about is the colour of the food you are going to scrap about. Here I used my savoury red lentil recipe, so I chose a rich red brown cardstock, rich brown ribbon and brads, and found rub ons in the colours that matched the cardstock and even the ingredient labels I photographed.

I can just imagine how pretty doing recipe cards in pink and yellow and lilac would be for a little girl's birthday cake recipe! A picture of a birthday cake on the card would really make it wonderful.

Here's what I used:

recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook
  • A set of 5" x 7" blank cardstock cards (about 12cm x 18cm)
  • A healthy recipe and
  • A picture of the ingredients I use in it. Typed instructions. I split the ingredients from the method so I could place the list of ingredients on one side of the card and put the method on the other side
  • Cardstock, inks, embellishments of choice such as: Ribbon
    Deckle-edged scissors, double-sided tape
    A corner punch if you like
    Brads, buttons
    Rubber Stamps
    Sharp-nosed scissors
    Metallic pens
  • Clear Nail Polish or other sealant

Here's What I Did:

  • First I used the deckle-edged scissors to cut around my photos and list of ingredients and method so they would fit where I wanted them to
  • recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook

  • Next stamp the cards to decorate them. I also embossed the sentiment with clear embossing powder and inked the edges of the card and used the corner punch on the corners
    recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook

  • Then I mounted the photo and recipe on the front of the card
  • Cut a piece of ribbon to form a tag on the top left hand corner and apply double-sided tape to both ends as shown. Remove the protective backing strips from one end of the adhesive at one end of the ribbon, also as shown, leaving the other end of the ribbon unattached as yet
    recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook
  • Position the ribbon where you want it to be. Then take your sharp-nosed scissors and pierce a hole for the brad to fit in, or use a paper piercing tool and mat to do this
  • recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook

  • Pop the brad in to the card and separate the split pin at the back so it stays where you want it to stay
  • Apply a rub-on to your brad and then seal it with clear nail polish or other sealant of choice
  • Turn the card over, remove the other backing strips on the tape and adhere over the split pin of the brad
    recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook
    recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook
    recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook

  • Attach the instructions/method to the back of the card, over the ribbon end
    recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook

  • Continue to decorate as you would like - I used more rub-ons, buttons, metallic pens and other felt-tipped pens to embellish my cards
    recipe cards, index cards, heirloom recipes, scrapbook

    Once you have made one of these, it is likely you will want to have more. What a good excuse to make a decorative box or album to keep them all safe in!

    Enjoy making your personalised recipe cards!

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